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Becerra & Colgin  provides legal assistance in solving the legal needs of its clients. The firm handles Business Law, Probate Law, Family Law (divorces, custody disputes, adoptions), Criminal Law (driving while intoxicated DWI, driving under the influence DUI, wrongful possession, white collar crimes, and theft), Personal Injury (car wreck, toxic exposure, fire, explosion, truck accident, dangerous condition, & construction accident claims), and Consumer/DTPA/Insurance claims (Apartment Fire, Lemon Home, Negligence, Construction Defect, Fraud and Misrepresentation, and Residential Fire & Toxic Tort claims).

James Christian Becerra and William Madison Colgin IV are licensed Texas Lawyers in good standing and practice in the Houston area. They want to help Texans that have been wrongfully accused of a crime, are going through a divorce, have been injured or lost a loved one killed by the negligence of another, families needed help with probate matters as well as Texas families that have lost their home and personal property through fire, toxic mold, lead paint, or other toxins. These Lawyers will review construction accident claims, unsafe work place injuries, trademark disputes, negligent toxic mold remediation claims, negligent home construction resulting in fire and toxic mold infestations, insurance bad faith (refusal to pay a legitimate claim), catastrophic medical malpractice, pharmacy malpractice, real estate fraud, failure to disclose known dangerous conditions, and other DTPA, negligence, & breach of contract claims.  For more information  or a  legal claim call (281) 344-2512 and/or contact us with any questions.

These Lawyers commonly handle legal matters throughout the State of Texas including Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.  They also work with other Texas Lawyers on large complicated legal matters.  As experienced Houston Lawyers, they are familiar with a wide variety of legal matters and have helped many Texans and Texas families through difficult situations.

Becerra and Colgin is a law firm in Rosenberg, Texas.

J. Christian Becerra

J. Christian Becerra

   Criminal Defense
   Personal Injury

FIRM: Becerra & Colgin Law Firm PLLC

2512 1st Street
Rosenberg, TX   77471
Phone: 281-344-2512
Fax: 281-633-0735

Bio:     James Becerra

State Bar of Texas Number: 24006820
Admitted to State Bar: 1998
1998 Graduate of Thurgood Marshall School of Law

William Colgin IVWilliam M. Colgin IV


Personal Injury
Real Estate

FIRM: Becerra & Colgin Law Firm PLLC

2512 1st Street
Rosenberg, TX   77471
Phone: 281-344-2512
Fax: 281-633-0735

Bio:     Will Colgin

State Bar of Texas Number:  00798113
Admitted to State Bar
: 1997
1995 Graduate of South Texas College of Law
U.S. District Court - Southern District of Texas
Member of Pro Bono College of the State Bar of Texas

Criminal Law ( 7 )

Attorneys that work in criminal law have to be able to handle an enormous range of cases. This category includes everything from reckless driving to capital murder, and the penalties and procedures for each are unique. Because these cases are complex, attorney representation is imperative. In fact, less than one percent of people represent themselves in court, as it is nearly impossible for an untrained defendant to manage every part of the process.

Why is an experienced attorney crucial for a criminal law case?

Even though attorneys spend years learning about their areas of practice, they are met with unique challenges with every case. Defendants who attempt to represent themselves will usually be overwhelmed with the difference between theory and practice. There are two major reasons why an attorney is needed to handle the case for the defendant:

•    Prosecutorial discretion: Prosecutors decide if they are going to file charges and what those charges will be. Both of these decisions will steer the case’s direction. For example, it may seem obvious what the charges will be for a particular crime, but a single occurrence can be framed in many ways, resulting in charges the defendant may be unprepared for. An experienced defense attorney will be able to adjust without trouble and may even be able to argue for a more favorable sentencing.

•    Unaccounted for courtroom pressures: The legal system is full of ambitious people, and this ambition can often put a defendant at risk of being treated unfairly. Having an experienced attorney to anticipate this will ensure fair treatment for the defendant.

What can an attorney do for a criminal law case?

In addition to court representation, a defense attorney can provide assistance in several areas, including:

•    Negotiating more favorable sentencing with prosecutors. An experienced defense attorney knows when they can get a better deal from the prosecutor, and a defendant without an attorney won’t be as well received by the prosecutor.

•    Offer objective advice while the defendant considers their options. A defendant may believe their chances of a favorable verdict are better or worse than they are. An attorney can help the defendant make the right decision regarding their case.

•    Understanding complex legal situations. For example, an illegal search and seizure can completely change the outcome of the case, but understanding what an illegal search and seizure is can be difficult for a defendant to determine.

•    Gather information from investigators or the prosecution’s witness. Defense attorneys know how to improve a case with the help of a private investigator, and know how to extract information from prosecution witnesses. A defendant without help will have trouble managing either situation.

This is just a small sample of what the defense attorneys at Becerra & Colgin can do for anyone facing charges. If you are being accused of wrongdoing, we can provide you with the professional legal counsel needed to secure the best outcome possible.

Family Law ( 2 )

Family law typically involves the most stressful, hotly contested cases in the field. Attorneys in this area of law regularly oversee divorce, child custody, adoption and marriage cases, so they have to be prepared to offer objective advice and diffuse emotional situations. They are also expected to handle mediation between parties that may be at odds, requiring a steady, thorough approach to negotiation. The attorneys at Becerra & Colgin have handled many cases in this field, so we are ready for any contingency or any unique situation that may present itself.

When should a family law attorney be contacted for help?

Anyone headed for a divorce or child custody case should strongly consider hiring an attorney, because it is extremely difficult to anticipate everything that may come up during an aggressively contested case. Child custody and divorce hearings, in particular, are often won by the side that has more compelling information. However, Becerra & Colgin can provide support for most cases, including:

•    Divorce: In general, most people would like to find common ground without getting the legal system heavily involved, but this is not always possible. If a couple can establish their preferences for child custody and how their assets will be divided up, it may be possible to file for divorce without legal help. If this process is impossible, the attorneys with Becerra & Colgin can facilitate it. Our attorneys have access to investigators that can verify the assets each person has, and during mediation, we will ensure these assets and child custody are handled fairly and with compassion.

•    Child custody: Child custody hearings are complex and often involve factors either parents may not account for ahead of time. Some of these factors include each parent’s lifestyle, the emotional attachment the children have to each parent, where the root of the child’s life is (school and other relatives) and the mental health of the parents. In some cases, mediation may be the only thing required to help transition the child into a better situation. During a heated divorce, though, this may not be possible. Child custody may also become a pressing concern if one parent suspects the child is in an abusive or unhealthy living situation. In these cases, an attorney can help expedite the process and hire investigators to verify whether or not a child is in danger. If abuse or neglect is determined, then custody will almost always be granted to the other parent.

•    Adoption and guardianship: The adoption process can take many months from beginning to end. In some cases, couples or even single men or women may run into obstacles when adopting. Becerra & Colgin can anticipate these problems and adjust, ensuring the adoptee doesn’t have to lose months to red tape. Establishing a guardianship is also important, as it ensures the child's protection in the unlikely event that something happens to the parents. Our team of attorneys can ensure guardianship is secure no matter what the future holds.

Family matters are often emotionally draining to handle, but Becerra & Colgin’s team can provide both gentle guidance and firm representation for its clients.

FAQs ( 0 )

What do You Want In A Lawyer?

You want a lawyer who promptly returns phone calls. You want an attorney that will respond to emails. You want a lawyer that will drop everything when you have an emergency. You want someone that has excellent judgment and provides a reliable service. You Want someone that is aggressive and yet professional when representing you. You need a lawyer that understands you need to work within the confines of a budget. You want a lawyer who is respected by his or her peers in the community and nationally if applicable. You want an attorney who will seek favorable results without going to court but also one who has the strength, determination and will to win when itís time to go to trial.

Law & Litigation ( 0 )

Commercial law and litigation is one of the most complex legal specializations in the U.S., encompassing everything from business startup guidance to multimillion dollar suits. The experienced attorneys at Becerra & Colgin can help a company through the complexities of the system and ensure they get the best representation available. This legal support is an essential component for any company because exposure to litigation is one of the costs of doing business.

How can Becerra & Colgin help with commercial law and litigation cases?

Every business, even small startups, have many moving parts that are difficult to realize in advance. Potentially costly suits are common, even among companies that strive to do everything the right way. Some of the most frequent business legal issues include:

Breach of contract

Nearly every business relationship starts with a contract. Partnership agreements, supplier and purchase agreements and licensing agreements are all examples of their importance. When a breach occurs, it can cause tremendous problems within the company. Determining when a violation has occurred is difficult, as contracts are often subject to interpretation. Becerra & Colgin can help a company owner with this, filing suit, and representing them if a violation transpires.

Intellectual property disputes

One of the most important decisions a new business will have to make for their company is how to present the business to the consumer. For this reason, companies must protect their trademarks and other intellectual properties from infringement. Becerra & Colgin can help a company determine if another business is infringing on their IP, and if it is being done in bad faith.


If a business speculates another company of concealing information or deception during business dealings, an attorney can help file a suit for fraud. In most cases, fraud is committed when two companies decide to merge or share resources in some way. If one party hides assets or other financial information when formalizing an agreement, they may be committing fraud.

Contract interference

Adhering to a single contract is usually a simple affair. Establishing business relationships with other parties, though, can complicate things, possibly resulting in a contract violation. Upon signing the contract, it is protected from third parties attempting to force a breach on either side. If a third party knowingly forces a contract breach that causes damage to a company, they can be sued for contract interference.

Breach of fiduciary duty

When two parties establish a business relationship, they may name a fiduciary to manage the details of the relationship. A fiduciary is responsible to the principal, the party that may incur harm if the fiduciary does not perform their duties. It is common for business partners to agree that one partner will operate as a fiduciary and manage certain aspects of the company.

This is just a small sample of what Becerra & Colgin can do with commercial law and litigation cases. With our experience and knowledge, we can provide legal support for businesses in any position.

Personal Injury ( 2 )

Personal Injury Claims

Becerra & Colgin, PLLC is a Fort Bend County, Texas law firm that handles a variety of person injury claims including claims where people have been seriously injured or killed by the wrongful conduct of another. As a Fort Bend County Personal Injury Law Firm, Becerra & Colgin, PLLC assist injured individuals and the families of people that have been wrongfully killed seek compensation for personal injury damages after a serious accident.

Weather a person is injured by a drunk driver, hazardous trap, dangerous defect, careless action, dangerous product, or the negligence of another, individuals often need assistance in dealing with a personal injury claim and seeking money compensation from insurance companies and large corporations for the damages that they have suffered. Becerra & Colgin, PLLC handle automobile accident claims, truck accident claims, accidental death claims, fire claims, construction accident claims, and other catastrophic injury or death claims.

Practice Areas ( 0 )

For many years, Becerra & Colgin have made their mark in the Houston region as experienced lawyers in a number of practice areas. In Texas, there are 21 recognized legal specializations, and attaining certification in any requires dedication beyond that of a general legal practitioner. It takes several years of experience, professional references, specialized education in the chosen field, and passing an extensive examination. Among the fields Becerra & Colgin are experienced in are criminal law, family law, law litigation, personal injury law, and will, trust and estate planning, and probate law. Each of these fields offers a unique set of challenges, including:

•    Criminal law is one of the most diverse practice areas and includes a huge variety of case types. They can be as simple as a DWI picked up during a lapse of judgment, or as complex as capital murder cases. Criminal law is a complex field and defendants are strongly encouraged to get legal assistance. An experienced defense attorney can help negotiate favorable sentencing for a defendant and gather additional information pertinent to the case through investigators or witness deposition. These options are normally harder for an independent defendant to manage.

•    Family law is often highly sensitive and involves marriage, divorce, child custody and adoption. Family law specialists can help transfer official guardianship over to an adopting family, help set up a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage, mediate the difficult and emotionally charged divorce process, or help a parent secure custody of a child. Child custody hearings, in particular, require the information gathering techniques a lawyer brings to the case, as abuse, neglect, or unsafe living conditions can be difficult to prove.

•    Will, trust, estate, planning and probate law is generally concerned with organizing and allocating property left behind by the deceased. Depending on the size of a person’s estate, the probate process can be lengthy and complex, requiring the help of probate lawyers to ensure the estate beneficiaries receive what they are allocated. Lawyers working in these practice areas can also set up trusts to make property transfer easier, ensure a person’s will is executed properly, and take steps to avoid the often expensive probate process.

•    Law and litigation often centers around large financial judgments, especially when commercial entities are involved. Law and litigation includes business fraud claims, breach of contract, commercial development disputes, intellectual property disputes, and business ownership and joint venture disputes. Law and litigation typically requires extensive negotiation between the parties, and establishing a settlement that’s amenable to both sides requires experience and finesse on the part of the attorney.

•    Personal injury law is relevant whenever a person is harmed by the negligence, willful action or carelessness of another. Anyone hurt by a vehicle accident, defective product, dangerous medication, unsafe working conditions, or environmental hazard (like toxic chemicals), among other things, can sue for compensation against the responsible party. Personal injury law often deals with multimillion dollar suits, and these suits are almost always hotly contested by the defendant. A personal injury lawyer will ensure the victim is armed with the information they need to prove their case, and will guide the victim through the stressful deposition and settlement processes.

With Becerra & Colgin’s experience in these fields, nearly any client can benefit from our expertise, no matter the nature of their case.

Testimonials ( 0 )
Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, ( 2 )

Wills, trusts, estate planning, and probate are sensitive matters that determine the distribution of a person’s assets in the event of their passing. Many people neglect to organize their inheritance when they have the time, even though it can help ensure a family’s assets continue on and removes any conflict among family members. This can make passing on family heirlooms, assets and other precious items much more difficult than it has to be. Becerra & Colgin can simplify the process and represent the client’s interests, ensuring that their family is taken care of.

What do lawyers specialized in wills, trusts, estate planning and probate do?

Attorneys in this field help their clients organize their assets and pass them on in an official capacity in the event of their death. If a person does not organize their assets before passing away, their beneficiaries may have to sit through a lengthy court adjudication process and give up a sizeable portion of their inheritances to pay for court fees. For these reasons, it is usually best to consult with a specialized attorney if assets will need to be passed on to family.

Some of the items an attorney can help with include:


The conventional wisdom is that if a person does nothing else to handle their legal affairs after death, they should at least create this all-encompassing document. With it, the client can name an executor of their affairs, name a guardian for any minor children, and allocate property to whom they see fit. For most people, the power this document offers will be enough. However, if you believe your family will argue over what’s left behind, will owe taxes or debts, have a child with a disability, or want control over who will inherit what, this document may not be enough.


Under this agreement, an agent working on behalf of the client will hold the title to any property the client wishes. The agent will transfer the property to the beneficiary once they meet certain conditions. These arrangements are kept private and not in court, so the beneficiary will be able to receive their inheritance immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months.

Probate court representation

This court handles the transfer of property left behind by the deceased estate holder, and the presented cases can quickly become messy. Family members become overwhelmed during the process, and bitter arguments can break out while the court makes its decisions. The longer the court takes to render its decisions, the more expensive it will be for everyone involved. Court costs typically come from the assets, so a beneficiary’s inheritance can evaporate in short order if the courts drag it out. Having attorneys experienced in wills, trusts, estate planning and probate can help the process along and ensure a benefactor doesn’t have any trouble receiving what has been set aside for them.

Transferring assets to family after passing away is a difficult, emotional process that the attorneys with Becerra & Colgin understand. We can meet all of your legal needs during this time with sensitivity, understanding and professionalism.

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