An Auto Accident Injury Attorney Should Be Hired

When a person suffers an auto accident injury, an attorney can make all the difference during the settlement and trial phases. In general, demonstrating liability in these cases is something a lawyer can do fairly simply, as legal professionals spend a lot of time working with car crash victims. However, that doesn’t mean these cases aren’t sometimes hotly contested and emotionally draining. Even a case that appears cut and dry can take months to resolve, and part of the lawyer’s job during this time is to keep it from overwhelming the victim.

If a victim suffers an auto accident injury, when should an attorney be contacted?

Most of the time, when a crash occurs there will be at least one responsible party. This will typically be another motorist, but may include any party that was responsible for problematic road conditions as well, like a construction company or business owner that has somehow obstructed traffic.

Before a victim consults with a lawyer, they should consider whether or not it will be worth it to pursue damages. If the only result of the crash was minor vehicle damage and insurance will cover this, it may not be worth the time and emotional energy to pursue a claim. However, if the victim suffers serious injury, especially if it’s long-term harm, then a lawyer can help in the attempt to recover compensation for medical costs, vehicle damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. If long-term pain or disability is present, a victim may be able to attain additional compensation.

Immediately following the crash, it may not be possible to locate and consult with an attorney. Just make sure that detailed medical records are kept and consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

How is liability determined following vehicle crashes?

In some cases, no fault liability will be present, and this will steer the case to a quick conclusion. No fault liability occurs when a driver either rear ends another driver or causes a crash when attempting to turn left across traffic. Both of these scenarios are completely preventable as long as drivers maintain proper control over their vehicle and observe all traffic laws.

If no-fault liability is not present following an auto accident injury, an attorney will have to show several things to ensure a successful settlement. The lawyer will have to prove that the responsible party had a duty of care to the victim, that there was a violation of that duty, and that the violation resulted in the victim’s harm. Lawyers experienced in this area know what information to gather to demonstrate a breach of duty. This is typically a combination of written reports, photos from the site, expert testimony, witness testimony, medical records and facts gathered from crash recreation. It’s not just about what the legal professional knows in piecing together a case, but who they know. With their connections to safety and industry experts, a lawyer can answer any challenge presented during settlement or trial.

This article was published on Thursday 05 February, 2015.

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