When Should A DUI Attorney Be Contacted?

Upon being accused of driving under the influence, a DUI attorney may be your best shot at avoiding serious penalties or overturning a flawed case against you. Texas has an aggressive approach to drunk driving, and this aggressiveness often breeds wrongful arrests and convictions. For example, the field sobriety tests used by police officers during stops are often misjudged and prone to inaccurate results. An experienced lawyer can expose these problems and possibly help the accused person avoid harsh sentencing.

As soon as accusations occur over driving under the influence, it is time to contact a DUI attorney. Police often rely on arrested individuals not knowing their rights, and this can lead to self-incrimination or a concession to unfair practices.

A lawyer can provide valuable guidance prior to the sentencing process, helping an arrested person determine how best to approach their case. If there is no chemical evidence of an individual’s offense, and if there was no untoward behavior present, then the case may go to trial. A lawyer is often hired when taking a case to trial, but if the accused gets the charges thrown out, it is well worth it. Even if a person decides not to go to trial, legal counsel can often significantly reduce sentencing, considerably lowering the chances of jail time or license suspension.

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