Find Help From A DWI Defense Lawyer In Fort Bend County

A DWI defense lawyer in Fort Bend County should be one of the first people someone calls following an arrest for intoxicated driving. This is especially true if the arrest is made in the Houston, Sugar Land or Richmond area, as knowledge of local courts can be helpful. The local advantage can’t be overstated, as every courthouse has its own procedures and quirks. Some are particularly tough on intoxicated drivers, while others are more likely to forego heavy fines and jail time for rehabilitation instead. In short, a successful defense requires as much knowledge as possible, and an experienced attorney can provide that mental muscle.

How can a DWI defense lawyer in Fort Bend County help someone who has been arrested?

When someone is arrested for intoxicated driving, they won’t have an easy road ahead of them, even if the evidence against the accused is flawed. That can leave the accused feeling like they have no chance of fighting the charge and winning, but the truth is that it is entirely possible to challenge police testimony and come out on top. It will be much easier to do so, though, with an attorney organizing and representing a case thoroughly.

With their advanced legal knowledge, there are several tactics available to an attorney. For example, an attorney can cast doubt on whether or not the arresting officer had probable cause to make an arrest, or even pull the person over in the first place. Police often don’t have probable cause to make an arrest, but they can convince a person that they do. An attorney can address this head on, and discover if something else played a part in the arrest.

An attorney can also challenge the officer’s testimony directly. Everyone, including police officers, are capable of making simple mistakes in memory or perception, and though officers are trained to work through them, this training is not always followed. For example, officers are required to consider all possible reasons for a failed sobriety test, such as a physical impairment or a lack of sleep. Sometimes, the officer may not deliver the test instructions clearly enough. A DWI defense lawyer in Fort Bend County will know which officers are more likely to offer inaccurate testimony, and will make note of this when building a case. If there are inaccuracies, the attorney can present an alternative explanation to the court, or provide witness testimony that counters what the officer alleges.

If necessary, an attorney can even build a case against blood, breath or urine testing. While these tests are designed to be precise, they must be administered properly by trained personnel, and administered within a certain timeframe prior to or following an arrest. If any of these conditions is not met, it can result in a false positive. Knowledgeable attorneys are aware of testing limitations and can confront them during a case.

Intoxicated driving carries some serious penalties, and can badly damage a person’s reputation and personal life. It should be fought as aggressively as possible, and with the help of an experienced legal professional.

This article was published on Friday 23 October, 2015.

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