How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Assist You

A criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important tools a person can have when accused of wrongdoing. These attorneys are also essential for defending civil rights and ensuring people receive a fair trial. The modern legal system is extremely complex and is difficult to understand, which is why very few accused choose to represent themselves in court. In fact, the number of people who refuse an attorney makes up less than 1 percent of all defendants.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

When most people think of these attorneys, they think of high profile, high drama cases that dominate television for weeks on end. Major cases have colored the perception of these attorneys, and many people consider them an impediment to swift justice. However, these legal professionals are there to ensure that all facts are considered before a jury renders a verdict. Without them, prisons would be flooded with the wrongfully accused and innocent.

Before the case even officially begins, an attorney can help the accused person. If a person suspects a charge of a costly misdemeanor or felony, an attorney can help ensure they don’t self-incriminate during police questioning. An attorney can also coach an accused person on how to comport themselves during the legal process. Police and courtrooms focus heavily on how the accused behaves, and an experienced attorney will be able to use this to their client’s advantage.

A criminal defense lawyer can often get a case tossed out of court before it gets underway. For example, if police unlawfully search a person to gather evidence for an arrest, an attorney can use this to fight back. In addition to protecting their client, this aggressive demand for proper police behavior protects all citizens from corrupt officers. Experienced attorneys also have a strong grasp of probable cause in the area they practice in, and this is one of the largest grey areas in law. With a knowledgeable professional on their side, an accused individual will not be wrongly convicted due to improperly gathered evidence.

An attorney can also negotiate a favorable plea bargain for their client, reducing sentencing or convincing the court to charge a youth as a juvenile instead of an adult.

Once the trial begins, the attorney will quickly adapt to the changing nature of the case, identifying weak spots and strengths in their client’s case. This information can be used to generate a strong defense and fight-back against an aggressive prosecutor. An attorney will also stay on top of all court proceedings and make sure that the client’s case isn’t damaged by a missed statement or improperly filed document. Also, during every step of the process, the client’s attorney will advise them and help them make the right decision at every turn.

The attorneys with Becerra & Colgin have experience working on a variety of criminal cases, from petty misdemeanors to class-A felonies. With our experience, we can ensure every accused individual receives due process and proper trial.

This article was published on Tuesday 30 September, 2014.

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