What Can An Injury Accident Lawyer Help With?

When recovering from a serious injury, an accident lawyer may be the only person who can go to bat for you. An incident while on the job, on the road, or even at home can devastate a family, leaving the victim unable to work and provide. Though there are regulations in place to protect you in the event of an incident, the responsible parties will often do everything possible to avoid paying out any damages. This is especially true when the offender is an employer or manufacturing company. Because it can be so difficult to attain restitution following an incident, many victims turn to specialized attorneys to help pursue and represent their cases.

What kind of an injury can an accident lawyer help with?

Attorneys need to have several years of experience and pass several courses through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) before they can practice as trial injury lawyers. The process is rigorous so that the specialized attorney is capable of handling everything that they are likely to face at their firm.

Dangers lurk everywhere in life, and harm can come from any direction. Attorneys who represent incident victims must be ready to step in for a variety of cases. These cases may involve:

  • Vehicle crashes
  • Workplace incidents
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Medical malpractice
  • Contaminated or unsafe medications
  • Defective products
  • Environmental hazards caused by negligent companies
  • Dog bites
  • Maritime incidents
  • Health conditions caused by asbestos or other hazardous materials

And this is just the short list. Every incident and every case is different and offers a unique set of obstacles for the attorney to overcome. One day, an attorney may represent a case that involves apparent liability in a vehicle crash. The next day, the same attorney may take on a massive company to ensure one of their hurt employees is compensated for unsafe working conditions.

Following an injury, what will an accident lawyer do to help the victim?

In Texas, there is a short statute of limitations that allows victims to pursue a claim. This period may be as long as several years, or as brief as a few months. For this reason, the victim should consider legal assistance as soon as they are able. During consultation, which is typically a free service, the attorney will determine the merits of the case, whether it can be pursued, and how best to approach it. If the attorney takes the case, they will first name the defendants and send a formal demand package. This package lists out the “worth” of the victim’s sustained health complications and is intended to set the desired amount of restitution entering into the settlement phase. During settlement, the attorney will argue on your behalf, present evidence of your claim and fight for as much compensation as possible. If both sides cannot come to an agreement, the case will go to trial, where an experienced attorney will be invaluable. In both phases, it is important to have someone on your side that understands the situation and uses any advantage to its fullest extent.

This article was published on Tuesday 10 February, 2015.

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