When Should You Search For Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys are the representatives for those who have been accused, and in that way, they are often the only ally an arrested person has. It’s natural for people, once arrested, to immediately argue their side of the case, assuming that they can convince a court of their innocence. In many instances, this ends up doing more harm than good, and an accused person can damage their side before they have even stepped into a courtroom. The law is extremely complicated, partly because every case offers unique considerations. Without the kind of knowledge that a lawyer picks up over many years, it will be nearly impossible to cover every factor and build a coherent argument.

Why should arrested people hire criminal defense attorneys?

As soon as someone is accused of a transgression, everything they do will determine whether or not they go free or face stiff penalties. In fact, most experts would recommend hiring a lawyer as soon as an arrest is made, as it may be possible to get charges dismissed before they are made. But even if charges have been rendered, a lawyer can still be a valuable ally, for these reasons:

•    Lawyers can better examine the prosecution’s evidence – It’s common for a prosecution’s case to possess holes, often due to poorly gathered or defined evidence. An arrested person may not be able to identify these holes in the prosecution’s evidence, but a lawyer can, and it’s often the difference between a conviction and dismissal.

•    Lawyers will ensure all paperwork and case materials are filed properly – In general, there will be no one to help the arrested person with evidence and testimony filing, nor will they have help with courtroom paperwork. A lawyer will ensure a case isn’t damaged on a simple technicality, such as filing case materials after a deadline.

•    Lawyers can produce expert witnesses – An expert witness can provide a lot of authority behind the arrested person’s case, but most people will not have access to one unless they have a lawyer on their side. Established lawyers have many expert witnesses on call and can bring them in when necessary.

•    Lawyers can protect their client from deceptive tactics – It’s a shame, but there are corrupt prosecutors and police officers who will fabricate evidence (or hide it) and produce false testimony. It isn’t common, but it does happen, and it can devastate an arrested person’s case. However, it rarely works on an experienced lawyer.

•    Lawyers can negotiate a plea bargain and argue for alternative sentencing – Some prosecutors and some courts are more likely to accept a plea deal, and there is often room to negotiate reduced or alternative sentencing. For example, someone who is convicted of drug possession may be able to avoid jail time and heavy fines if they are willing to attend rehabilitation. It will normally take a lawyer’s help, though, to secure alternative sentencing.

It should be clear, there are many reasons to hire criminal defense attorneys when facing charges, and opting not to is taking an enormous gamble.

This article was published on Friday 23 October, 2015.

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