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Wills, trusts, estate planning, and probate are sensitive matters that determine the distribution of a person’s assets in the event of their passing. Many people neglect to organize their inheritance when they have the time, even though it can help ensure a family’s assets continue on and removes any conflict among family members. This can make passing on family heirlooms, assets and other precious items much more difficult than it has to be. Becerra & Colgin can simplify the process and represent the client’s interests, ensuring that their family is taken care of.

What do lawyers specialized in wills, trusts, estate planning and probate do?

Attorneys in this field help their clients organize their assets and pass them on in an official capacity in the event of their death. If a person does not organize their assets before passing away, their beneficiaries may have to sit through a lengthy court adjudication process and give up a sizeable portion of their inheritances to pay for court fees. For these reasons, it is usually best to consult with a specialized attorney if assets will need to be passed on to family.

Some of the items an attorney can help with include:


The conventional wisdom is that if a person does nothing else to handle their legal affairs after death, they should at least create this all-encompassing document. With it, the client can name an executor of their affairs, name a guardian for any minor children, and allocate property to whom they see fit. For most people, the power this document offers will be enough. However, if you believe your family will argue over what’s left behind, will owe taxes or debts, have a child with a disability, or want control over who will inherit what, this document may not be enough.


Under this agreement, an agent working on behalf of the client will hold the title to any property the client wishes. The agent will transfer the property to the beneficiary once they meet certain conditions. These arrangements are kept private and not in court, so the beneficiary will be able to receive their inheritance immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months.

Probate court representation

This court handles the transfer of property left behind by the deceased estate holder, and the presented cases can quickly become messy. Family members become overwhelmed during the process, and bitter arguments can break out while the court makes its decisions. The longer the court takes to render its decisions, the more expensive it will be for everyone involved. Court costs typically come from the assets, so a beneficiary’s inheritance can evaporate in short order if the courts drag it out. Having attorneys experienced in wills, trusts, estate planning and probate can help the process along and ensure a benefactor doesn’t have any trouble receiving what has been set aside for them.

Transferring assets to family after passing away is a difficult, emotional process that the attorneys with Becerra & Colgin understand. We can meet all of your legal needs during this time with sensitivity, understanding and professionalism.

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